This is my first tattoo, done at Ice 9 Tattoo by Mihailo Vukelic; an artist from Serbia who works on comic books.  He was going to do Wolverine until Disney bought out Marvel and his editors left him.  He’ll be working on the Punisher, now, if I’m correct.

Anyways, we got the line work and grey scale shading done because my skin was becoming irritated to a point where coloring would not be bearable.  Coloring, apparently, hurts a lot worse, so it’s best to let this fully heal up before we continue with the coloring.

As far as the pain experience went, for the line work, it frlt like a cat constantly scratching me (and I’ve pissed off a lot of my cats before, so I’m used to it except for the sensitive areas on the skin, I just let my stomach tighten, no biggie), and the shading was done with a multi-needle tip, which felt like heat… Think of it as the handle of a butter knife being left in some hot water while your cooking.

According to Mihailo, for getting a tattoo for the first time, i’m pretty pain-tolerable.  :3  The only thing that bugged me was I didn’t eat enough beforehand, so I got hungry close to the end, and when he wiped down the whole thing with some ointment of some sort because it was like… touching an ice cube so cold it hurt/burnt.

Currently?  It feels like a sunburn.  In about two weeks, I’ll have another appointment scheduled to get it colored, which won’t tale very long, and then I’m done with this one.  :D

In a bit (maybe a couple days), I’m going to make the design of my second tattoo to put on my other arm.  And then my upper chest.  So far, that’s all I’ve got (aside from my left forearm.  Not sure what to do with the right forearm.)  These will all happen slowly over time, not all at once, of course.  This one cost about $150 and a lot of the ones I want aren’t any bigger than this, so these are easy to save up for, at least in our current financial situation.  :3

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    This is at our shop! Come check us out if you’re in Pittsburgh!
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