If things go smoothly, I may return from hiatus next week sometime.

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Secret Origins by Dick Giordano

Who else thought these guys had Pokemon cards?
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Still in the process of moving. Nearly done and will be done by the 22nd, but not sure when I will get a new desk to set my computer up on.

Also, good to know that family members who claim they care for me shrug off my panic attacks like it’s no big deal or get mad when I have them because it’s such an inconvenience to them.

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I like how my mom screams at me over petty things and says things she knows I’m not comfortable with, and then wonders why I shut myself in my room playing Skyrim all day. (That and this house is freezing because we can’t ford the oil for our furnace to run much, so heat won’t be all that plentiful in the house without a space heater in each room. I’ve got my room nice and toasty with this space heater going.)

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Best response ever to any ask I’ve ever submitted.  :D 

Lol, thank you :’) May I congratulate you on picking the best name ever? -Loki admin speaking 

Not a prob, and thank you, haha. What can I say? I love vibrators. :P

(Sorry for the late response. In the process of moving back in with my parents due to bedbugs. Not able to get much signal on my phone for my apps out here in the boonies.)

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Update: Not fully moved in just yet. My desk may not be salvageable according to my paranoia, which I’m fine with. But I need a keyboard. Unable to be back on regularly until further notice. Doing okay so far. And so far we have not brought any bugs with us.

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Jeremy is now living with me on my parents’ farm. Still got stuff to get, but I will remain in the truck tomorrow. Had a bad panic attack today when we spotted a bedbug while getting some things, so I don’t think my husband will let me set one foot in our apartment again. He and my dad will heavily inspect the computer desk to make sure it’s safe to come with us. I only care about that and maybe 2 other boxes and that’s it. The rest can be trashed. So it’s gonna be a while before I’m back.

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In the process of moving. Gonna need a new keyboard and maybe a new mouse. Hope to be fully moved in by Tuesday and settled in by Saturday. Until then, I will still be on hiatus.

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So Jeremy and I have to move in with my parents for multiple reasons.

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"The Favorite" by Omar Rayyan

Favorite what? Demon?!

Loving the fact that whatever it is is wearing a matching flower.

18th century Lilo and Stitch

so i looked up some of this guys other stuff and I


what the fuck

sexy parrot girls yeah ok

oh look the demon has little babies

Am I the only one that adores this?

That dragon looks like it’s in heaven.
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Here Be Giants
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